Airplane Aviation Accidents

The causes of airplane crashes and fatalities are numerous. It doesn’t matter if the airplane crashed during a test flight or if the plane suddenly pitched up or nosed over to crash into the crowd. Oftentimes the decedent is killed during an airplane crash during flight school training and/or in a helicopter that may have been due to a defective engine crank case or some other malfunctioning product, bolt or aircraft part.

Settlements for wrongful death could be crafted for defective planes, gliders, helicopters, and for pilot error, for negligent maintenance of the aircraft or helicopter and for negligent repair of a part or mechanism for the helicopter or the plane.

Whether the defense contends that the cause of the accident was pilot error or a defective part or a lack of inspection, please let our team of experts evaluate your case for a free, confidential consultation. Please contact us at either location at Santa Rosa office at 707-571-8600 or our San Rafael office at 415-492-4507.

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