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Have you or a loved one been injured in a California construction accident?

Each year, thousands of construction workers are injured in construction related accidents. Whether it’s a falling girder, a defective piece of equipment, or a bulldozer without a warning signal, construction workers are constantly exposed to dangerous work environments.

As a result they can suffer serious injuries resulting in a loss of employment, permanent disabilities, and a lifetime of medical bills. The North Bay construction accident attorneys from Fiumara & Milligan Law, PC have years of experience in representing injured construction workers, and know what it takes to bring these cases to a successful conclusion.

Because construction injury cases are complex, you will need an experienced construction accident attorney from to successfully handle them. Construction cases typically require the injured worker to bring claims against contractors, subcontractors, developers, owners, material suppliers, architects, engineers and insurance companies, as all of these parties typically attempt to avoid liability for their wrongful conduct and pass it on to others.

Additionally, construction cases frequently require expert witnesses-both medical and construction industry experts-to demonstrate both the cause of the accident and the nature and extent of the employee’s injuries.

Accordingly, without an experienced and aggressive construction accident attorney, an injured worker may suffer for years without any compensation while the construction lawsuit carries on.

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Falls from ladders



Machine failures

Inadequate supervision

Collapses of walls, columns or roofs

Holes without warnings

Scaffold Accidents

The Occupation Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) outlines and enforces rules for the use of scaffolding that include such directives as the type of material used in a scaffold, platform construction, and who is allowed to assemble and remove a scaffold. When these rules are not followed, accidents can and do happen. Failing to follow safety regulations can be the foundation of a personal injury case.

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Scaffold accidents can also be caused by a lack of maintenance to the scaffold and all of its parts. If pieces of a scaffold are damaged or missing, the structure will not be as secure and someone could be gravely injured. Most injuries from scaffold accidents occur when a worker falls from a scaffold.

These are typically very serious injuries such as traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, damage to internal organs, and broken bones. If equipment or materials fall from a scaffold and strike an innocent bystander, that can also cause devastating injuries. Regardless of the circumstances, you deserve to be compensated for your injury.

Crane Accidents

Cranes are some of the most dangerous pieces of equipment on a construction site. Crane accidents are occurring at an alarming rate and construction companies need to take the appropriate steps to make their sites as safe as possible for workers, crew members and the public. While there are several types of cranes used in construction and other industrial areas, fatalities are more prevalent in mobile crane accidents, truck crane incidents, tower crane accidents and gantry crane incidents.

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Crane accidents can have any number of causes including poorly maintained, defective or malfunctioning equipment, high wind and failure to pay attention to appropriate safety measures on a job site. Whatever caused the accident, our experienced accident attorneys will make certain that everyone responsible for your injuries is held accountable.

At Fiumara & Milligan Law, PC We Fight For YOU!

Injured victims often lose time at work and endure financial hardship because of their injuries. While workers’ compensation may provide some support, the victims and their families suffer because of medical costs or decreased income. By working with our skilled California construction accident attorneys who know the nuances associated with injury claims, you can take the necessary steps towards fighting for your just and sizable compensation.

Injuries due to construction accidents are frequently severe, resulting in crushed or amputated limbs, paralysis and spinal cord injuries, burns, vision loss or hearing damage, back and neck injuries, loss of mobility and other permanent disability.

Through jury trial or insurance settlement, Fiumara & Milligan Law, PC will seek maximum compensation for medical expenses and future care, loss of wages and lost earning potential, and other damages such as loss of enjoyment. When these accidents turn fatal, we also represent surviving families in filing wrongful death lawsuits.


If you or a loved one have been seriously hurt in a work-site accident, contact Fiumara & Milligan Law, PC today at 707-571-8600 OR 415-492-4507 for a free consultation.

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