Falling Power Lines & The Dangers Associated With Them

Anybody who is struck by or comes into contact with falling power lines or live electrical wiring is likely to suffer very serious injury, shock, and/or electrocution.  The risk of electrocution can bring life changing consequences or result in wrongful death.  Falling electrical power lines pose a serious threat to the public health and safety of residents.

Therefore, the utility companies such as PG & E in this northern California, governmental agencies, or party who has caused a power line to fall which injures innocent people in California, should be held fully accountable for their lack of care, and due diligence.

Falling power lines often cause a wide range of problems, including pedestrian injuries, car accidents, and many times they start fires and/or explosions.  As a result of these injuries, accidents, and other mishaps, innocent victims often suffer long lasting physical, emotional, and financial consequences, something which our team of experienced attorneys at Fiumara & Milligan Law, PC knows can be extremely challenging.

Fortunately, for those in California who are injured by falling power lines it may be possible to hold all third parties responsible for these accidents, holding them fully accountable for all of the consequences and future long-term adverse effects.


Injuries That Are Caused By Falling Power Lines

When power lines fall, unsuspecting victims often sustain a wide variety of injuries stemming from minor cuts and scratches to life threatening ones including death and everything in between.  Some of the most common injuries include:


  • Facial injuries
  • Knee injuries
  • Amputations mostly of the limbs
  • Broken bones and or paralysis
  • Burns and scarring, electrocution
  • Concussions
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries

Any of these types of injuries can have serious future consequences for injury victims both in the short and long-term.  Oftentimes, they require a great deal of long-term rehabilitative hospitalization and recuperation so don’t let this break the bank. Good medical care is very expensive.

Contact a falling power lines lawyer in California. 

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