Public Transportation Accidents

Trains, Buses and Public Transit Accidents

Each year thousands of people are seriously injured by or on public transportation such as trains and buses also known as common carriers. Common carriers are companies or systems that carry passengers as part of a business operation open to the public. There are many common carriers to qualify in the North Bay and the San Francisco Bay area that are common carriers. These include: Trains, whether freight, passenger, BART, Caltrans.

Buses: Buses include interstate bus lines, intrastate and those that serve MUNI, Sam Trans, Golden Gate Transit, Greyhound, casino buses and shuttles including AC Transit.

Other categories that fit the definition of common carriers are:

  1. Airport shuttles including super shuttle and airport vehicles
  2. Any sightseeing trolleys, boats, and buses
  3. Cable cars either the historic ones in San Francisco or on the roadway replica cable cars such as Rosie in Santa Rosa
  4. Trolleys of all kinds
  5. Trains, including BART and Caltrans
  6. Taxis, whether Blue and Gold Fleet
  7. Ferries, this includes Red and White Fleet and other ferries that transport people to and from the harbor or on the lake community in more remote parts.

Common carriers have a higher duty of care and must ensure:

  1. That vehicles and compartments are not overcrowded.
  2. A seat must be provided for every passenger except for municipal buses.
  3. There needs to be provided extra help in seating of the elderly and disabled passengers.
  4. That equipment is maintained in excellent working condition.
  5. Vehicles and safety equipment must be free of debris.
  6. Vehicles should not start and stop suddenly.
  7. Vehicles must not be driven erratically.
  8. Passengers must not be discharged in an unsafe place or location.
  9. Regular schedules must be followed.
  10. Baggage is not damaged.

Common causes for broken bones including arms, wrists, legs, and hips is when a common carrier such as either BART, MUNI or other smart trains (like the one being built in Sonoma County) goes into emergency braking maneuvers and throws passengers to the floor. Our law firm’s extensive investigative skill which evaluates the failure of these types of operations and computer systems has been crucial at winning cases.

The Statute Of Limitations Is Very Short For Many Kinds Of Common Carrier Cases

Since most common carries are governmental entities, instead of a two year statute of limitations for most other personal injury matters, here very specific and limited time frames apply for filing a claim against a common carrier for injury. Oftentimes you have less than six months to file a claim. Please do not let the statute of limitations expire on your case or you will have no recourse.

Please contact our attorneys with offices conveniently located in Santa Rosa/Sonoma County and San Rafael in Marin County so that we may recover full compensation on your behalf. You have nothing to lose by talking with a lawyer of your choice about your case for free. Evening and weekend appointments are always available. We would even be glad to come to your home or the hospital if you are unwilling or unable to meet with us in our two conveniently located offices. Please call immediately for a free, confidential consultation in Santa Rosa at 707-387-0940 or our San Rafael office at 415-234-0142.

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