The Long-Term and Costly Effects Of Burn Injuries for Victims in the North Bay

Serious burns, such as third-degree burns, have an immediate aspect to them in terms of tissue damage, shock, fluid loss, and other characteristics that require not only emergency treatment but also longer-term medical care which is often times very expensive.

This follow-up treatment can require highly-specialized treatment facilities and medical personnel who specialize in burn injury treatment, such as reconstructive surgery. There are also rehabilitation considerations, including both physical and occupational. These treatments can take months or even years to undergo, and in some cases will need to be ongoing for the remainder of the fire or burn victim’s life.

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Beyond the physical recovery, there is also more intangible, yet still very real aspects to serious burn injury recovery. These include time lost from work (wage loss) or the need to retrain for a different line of work or occupation if the long-term effects preclude going back to one’s former job, and pain-and-suffering after-affects.  Much of the time long-term burn injury treatment will include vocational and mental health counseling to diminish the psychological impact the burn injury caused the victim.

It is one thing to work on healing the immediate physical effects of serious burns. But what you may not see right away are the long-term effects that these injuries can have, and their potential long-term financial and emotional ramifications.

santa rosa personal injury attorney

Santa Rosa Personal Injury Attorney 

At Fiumara & Milligan Law, PC we compassionately help our clients cope with the long-term after-effects of serious burn injuries by finding the best treatment specialists, and best vocational counselors to get the firm’s clients back on their feet as soon as possible.

We understand how to place a value on the compensation that will be required to get full compensation for the injured plaintiff not only for the long term recovery plan, but also to pay the immediate and mounting medical bills. As a result of the possible life-altering consequences, burn injuries often require considerable settlement amounts or damages awards to fully reimburse their victims.

Our top priority is to ensure that nothing is left out that is compensable.  WE Fight for you every step of the way.

santa rosa personal injury attorney

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