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Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) is an umbrella term used to describe a number of different injuries to the brain with a wide range of consequences.

For example, injuries to some regions of the brain can impact personality; injuries to other lobes of the brain can affect motor function and mobility, sometimes leaving a victim unable to care for Traumatic Brain Injury him or herself. In addition, a person with a brain injury may have lowered impulse control and may be unable to make decisions, manage money or safely return to work.

At the Fiumara Law Firm in San Rafael, California and Santa Rosa, California we provide skilled legal representation for people who have suffered brain injuries.

How Can We Help?

Traumatic brain injuries can be devastating to victims and their families as they struggle to lead ordinary lives in the face of extreme pain, cognitive impairment, partial or full physical disability and overwhelming financial loss.

As our most vital organ, the brain is highly susceptible to damage as a result of physical trauma. Injured people often do not recognize how their lives have been impacted. Because brain injuries leave victims particularly vulnerable, it is especially important to work with an experienced attorney when you are considering one of these claims.

The attorneys at Fiumara & Milligan Law, PC will thoroughly investigate the circumstances of your injury and diligently prepare your case.

When the brain is injured in an accident, common and fundamental functions may be affected partially or permanently and maintaining normalcy and an acceptable quality of life is greatly diminished.

Knowing your rights and seeking the expertise of a personal injury attorney well versed in handling traumatic brain injury cases is essential.

Allow North Bay Personal Injury Attorney Michael A. Fiumara and his skilled legal team of very experienced attorneys and experts to assist you in recovering full compensation for damages suffered.

We Work With the Best Experts

Our commitment to quality representation has led us to seek out the very best expert witnesses available to help show the extent and impact of your traumatic brain injury. The neuropsychologists, neurologists, cognitive therapists, rehabilitation physicians and psychologists we work with are leaders in their fields, coming from some of the most prominent health care organizations and institutions in the country.

In addition to expert witnesses, we also effectively use family members, friends and coworkers (both past and present) to help jurors understand how our clients’ lives have changed. People who are intimately familiar with the victim both before and after the injury are powerful witnesses, able to convey even the most subtle of personality changes to the judge and jury.

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Damages suffered in a traumatic brain injury accident can be extensive and may result in severe cognitive impairment, physical disability,  economic or compensatory damages including future loss of income.

Whether you are faced with ongoing medical expenses, loss of wages due to injury or loss of employment, Fiumara & Milligan Law, PC will support you in achieving full compensation. Our main goal is to assist you in recovering compensation that exceeds your Personal Injury Protection Insurance (PIP) for damages including excessive medical bills, lost wages, property damage and pain and suffering.


A traumatic brain injury may result in severe cognitive impairment and potentially permanent physical disabilities. Injuries affecting the brain are most often divided into two separate categories recognized as either diffuse or focal lesions. Diffuse lesions are identified as the presence of bleeding or bruising within the skull as a result of a forceful collision between brain and skull interior.

These particular lesions are often the result of automobile accidents. Focal lesions are life threatening medical conditions that may be caused by a forceful blow to the head resulting in internal hemorrhaging, causing cerebral contusions and hematomas. Both diffuse and focal lesions are extremely serious traumatic brain injuries that should be treated immediately.

In clinical terms, they may be recognized as:

-A Fractured Skull
-Diffuse Axonal Injuries
-An Intracerebral Hemorrhage
-A Subdural Hematoma
-An Epidural Hematoma

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At Fiumara & Milligan Law, PC our expert team of personal injury attorneys will support you with your claim using a thorough scientific analysis and investigation to bring the appropriate legal action against an insurance carrier or responsible defendant or party.

Whether you are dealing with an uninsured defendant or an insurance company seeking to limit your total payout for damages, it is our commitment to obtain the maximum compensation on your behalf.

To achieve success with your case, it is important to fully understand the circumstances and factors that led to your traumatic brain injury which may have been caused by one or more of the factors below:

-Manufacturer Liability
-Wrongful Death
-Malicious Intent


A traumatic brain injury can have far reaching future adverse effects on your health and quality of life, severely impacting your family and loved ones as well as yourself. Such injuries may leave victims suffering long-term and potentially permanent disabilities as well as significant financial burdens.

If you or someone you love has been a victim of a traumatic brain injury accident, contact our expert attorneys at Fiumara & Milligan Law, PC for a free and confidential legal consultation. WE would be happy to travel to your home or the hospital or rehabilitation facility where you might find yourself with such injuries.


Personal injury accidents are time sensitive and we are ready to assist you in establishing your claim today.

The consultation is always free and you pay nothing until we WIN for you!

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