Truck Accidents In California: Causes & Compensation

Common causes of interstate big-rig truck accidents are:

  1. Speeding or traveling too fast for conditions
  2. Overloading
  3. Poor vehicle maintenance
  4. Driving while tired or under the influence of amphetamines
  5. Driving trance
  6. Vehicle blind spots
  7. Reckless driving

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Why Do Big-Rig Tractor Trailers Cause Such Serious Accidents?

Interstate trucking accidents commonly cause major injuries such as broken legs and bones, spinal cord injuries, paralysis, head injuries, brain damage, and death because of the very large mass and weight of the semi-truck. The weight of an eighteen wheel truck towing a full trailer is equal to at least four or five regular vehicles. Couple that with the typical high rate of speed of a careless truck driver and this is a recipe for disaster.

Jackknife Big-Rig Truck Accidents

Jackknife tractor trailer wrecks typically happen when the driver suddenly applies his brakes causing the coupling between the big-rig cab and trailer to buckle and “jackknife.” This type of accident can also be caused by entering a curve at a high rate of speed, suddenly accelerating on a low-friction surface such as ice or on a rain-slicked surface, or downshifting while coming down a hill or grade.

In addition to a negligent truck driver, other third parties and entities may be responsible for causing your injuries.

For example, the manufacturer of your car or big-rig might be responsible due to a defect in design or even a defective part that prevented you or your loved one from avoiding the collision due to faulty brakes, steering system or any other moving part.  There may also be liability for the government entity in charge of maintaining or designing the road. Typically this means investigating the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) and their possible role in the accident.

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Interstate trucking companies are governed by a complex set of federal and state laws and regulations.

Due to this complex regulatory structure, it is very important to hire an experienced California truck accident lawyer who can help you navigate these laws and apply them to your case to hold the trucking company and  ALL others responsible for the harm they have caused you and your loved ones.

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Do not trust the trucking company or their insurance carrier to be fair or straight with you!

In every accident, the insurance company tries their best to delay, deny, and defend claims against their insureds.  In interstate trucking accident cases, the trucking companies are extremely difficult to work with and unreasonable. They want to scare you and your loved ones into taking a settlement that is inadequate which will not cover your medical bills, lost earnings or future medical treatment if any.

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santa rosa truck accident attorney

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