The Aftermath of Car Accident Injuries in The North Bay of California

A driver education course can teach you how to drive defensively.

Your insurance company can tell you the things you need to do in the immediate aftermath of an accident with another vehicle.

But, if your best efforts to avoid an accident fail, after you have exchanged information with the other driver and contacted your insurer, what should you do next?

Sources of information and guidance can be harder to come by when you get to this point.

Unless you are already an experienced personal injury attorney, you will not likely know how to investigate an accident scene, or what questions to ask witnesses or what information to seek from them.

You may not be familiar with the possibility of how the other driver’s possible violation of traffic safety laws may have a bearing on proving negligence on his part, or if multiple other parties are involved in the crash how their respective degrees of liability may be established.

Dealing with insurers can also raise significant questions, and not just with regard to the other side’s insurance company. These questions can have a direct bearing on how to approach settlement negotiations and how to quantify the amount of money you seek as recompense for the damage to both your property and your person that are connected with the accident.

santa rosa personal injury attorney

Fortunately for you, Fiumara & Milligan Law, PC already have practical, hands-on experience with all of the issues above and many more that pertain to car accident cases.

We work closely with our clients to learn ALL the facts of what happened, the cause, and where necessary to call upon accident site re-constructionists or medical specialists to prepare the strongest possible negotiation package to get the highest settlement amount.  If settlement negotiations do not produce the results you need, we use the same thorough preparation to build a case for trial on the merits of your claim.

Personal injury cases arising from automobile accidents in the North Bay of California can be tedious and complex to negotiate with carriers whose first duty is to low ball you and give you the lowest possible offer.  But if our negotiations fail to produce the results you deserve then we will vigorously litigate your case so that you have the strongest possible legal advocacy working on your behalf.

santa rosa personal injury attorney

Contact us today at 707-571-8600 OR 415-492-4507 for a free case evaluation and find out what over 40 years of combined personal injury experience can do for you and the reason we have so many positive reviews on Google. Click Here to see just a fraction of our many great reviews from past clients.


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